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Habash's novel zeroes in on the forces that act on obsessive, competitive, and disturbed persons. Or person: Stephen Florida, a name for the ages. Habash seems deeply concerned with the thinning borderline between innocence and experience. His narrator attempts for almost three hundred pages to figure out, and sometimes exceed, the limitations of his mind and body.

I couldn't look away, even when Habash lowered the lights and sent his reader to the ledge of an abyss. Pick up his book, read its first lines, and be glad to follow him there.

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I'm so glad I read this book! Stephen Florida is about a wrestler's quest for glory.

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Stephen, a senior at Oregsburg College, has his mind set on winning nationals at in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Each practice and match brings him closer to his goal, and delivers him further from his sanity.

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This novel shows how compulsively people pursue greatness, and the anguish felt at each shortcoming. Stephen Florida, in short, is a novel of a man slowly losing his mind in pursuit of greatness. Toon meer Toon minder. Lees de eerste pagina's. Reviews Schrijf een review.

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    E-book Digitaal luisterboek Paperback Hardcover The outer expression of the Magician can be seen in the constant learner, the drive to gain knowledge of the outside world and understanding through books, teachers and other formal methods of education. The inner expression of the Magician can be seen in the intuition. The Magician learns from the inner experience of intuiting and then trusting that inner information through action. The stage magician is a way to look at this archetype and see it in action.

    The Lineage of the Codes of Light

    The stage magician uses illusion to create an atmosphere and can be used to distract or give others a false impression. Magician shows are dedicated to creating an otherworldly atmosphere where anything is possible. This allows the audience to suspend reality and open their minds to possibilities. Think David Copperfield.

    Criss Angel is a good example of an illusionist who does not rely on atmosphere. | Stephen Florida (ebook), Gabe Habash | | Boeken

    That is one reason he is so amazing as an entertainer. The Fool archetype and the Magician archetype are two opposing forces in the shadow and absolutely complimentary in their enlightened states. The Shadow Fool does this to humiliate and discredit the Magician. The Shadow Magician seeks to undermine and outwit the Fool.

    Penn and Teller, the magician duo, use the power of this relationship between the Fool and the Magician. Penn is the Magician, more serious and intellectual and Teller is the Fool, the silent sidekick that adds the element of humor using mime-like behavior. Their show sometimes exposes how certain magic tricks are done, using the exposition to their advantage by creating credibility and respecting audience intelligence.

    The Shadow Magician will be wary and uncomfortable with the Fool archetype but in the light, the Fool will serve as a teacher and supporter. The archetype of the Magician has a natural ability to wear many hats. Because the Magician knows that they can tap into skills and abilities beyond what is tried and true in the physical world, they are able to take risks and trust in the power that is available to all of us through intuition and the collective subconscious.

    Others will instantly look to them for guidance and support and then find out later that person was simply a bystander.

    The Magician is able to wear the hat of confident decision-maker without having any previous experience. With just a little knowledge they can appear to be a professional at nearly any skill. This can be very useful but only if the Magician does not keep this information a secret. Transparency is vital for the Magician to maintain integrity and act in its enlightened state.

    Their natural curiosity allows them to tap into the great wellspring of human collective knowledge and skill through intuition. When the Magician is in the shadow this skill is a mask, designed to deceive or elude others. When the Magician is acting in the light this skill is a hat revealing both the hat and the wearer.

    All archetypes are patterns of behavior that define the way we perceive and exercise power. The Shadow Magician uses their power to create illusions, personae and false realities as a way of maintaining control of their own lives. Secrecy is part of this archetype and will show up in the shadow as one who keeps crucial information from others to prevent them from becoming self-empowered. Because they typically have an astute understanding of how things work, cause and effect, human behavioral responses etc. They can be secretive, especially about who they are deep down, their weaknesses and vulnerabilities and anything they feel may threaten their identities.

    This passive quality is used to make others believe that the Shadow Magician is not responsible for their actions, they were simply unaware. It is much more subtle than the archetype of the Blonde, which is related to the Fool because the Blonde uses youthful inexperience and a lack of knowledge to play the innocent. The passive Shadow Magician keeps the persona of intelligence and skill because they want to appear smart without taking responsibility for their behavior.

    They want status without responsibility. The Shadow Magician understands the power of illusion. He or she creates illusions that serve their own purposes. Here is one example of Shadow Magician behavior. Think of the typical used car salesman that can get you so excited about a good deal or the car the he is trying to sell you that you fall under the spell of the illusion.