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  2. The Path of Emotions : Transform Emotions into Energy to Achieve Your Greatest Potential
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  5. Using Emotions on the Spiritual Path

By letting go of that which no longer serves you, you begin to discover a new sense of purpose and you begin to drop all the limitations that you previously lived your life by.

Jeppe Hein – Path of Emotions

Emotional release or emotional clearing as it is sometimes known can be seen as a healing mechanism which enables us to become more whole. In other words, it can also be seen as an integration of our true self. That is why it is also called emotional integration. It is something that is inherent within ourselves because releasing or integrating stuck emotions is what we do naturally. However, because of our conditioning we are taught to suppress and so we spend most of our lives doing this instead. This stuck energy does not go anywhere. It remains stuck within our bodies where it is said to create disease, tension and all manner of mental and physical illnesses.

The Path of Emotions : Transform Emotions into Energy to Achieve Your Greatest Potential

Releasing trapped emotions or healing emotional pain is therefore the key to both our mental and physical wellbeing. Without some sort of emotional release therapy, we will be forever stuck and controlled by our emotions.

Many times, we release naturally but at other times deep self-enquiry and honesty is needed to let go of that which no longer serves us. This is where we can help. Follow the process of releasing your emotions in a safe effective way.

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The first step within the process is awareness. This is an understanding that in this current moment you have been emotionally triggered and there is a recognition that your state of being has changed. At this point, you may need to become aware that the mind has projected responsibility outside you to some external cause. The true creator though is you. It is your emotion and therefore you are always responsible for it.

Five distorted reaction patterns

Acceptance of feelings and their corresponding bodily sensations happens during the next step. Acceptance is the process of embracing all feelings and emotions that are present.

There will naturally be resistance and this must also be accepted. Resistance will come in the form of thoughts, muscle tension, tightness and even perhaps tiredness. It will also come in the stories that you tell yourself of what is happening to you and why. Instead, we like to create personalized Paths of Emotions for our guests putting into evidence a union between art, nature, gastronomy and the mysticism of nature.

Download a free 20-minute ‘Living Spirit’ Meditation with Ram Dass

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Using Emotions on the Spiritual Path

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