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However, Halkett's injury is not as bad as first feared. There was talk he could be out until next year but the stopper may now be back in contention for a January return. Meanwhile, manager Craig Levein has vowed that he won't turn to the free transfer market to replace the former Livingston centre-back. That means you are probably paying a wage to somebody for a month before he gets up to speed. We hope Peter will be back in the next two or three weeks. He can fill in at centre-back if need be.

In any game of Fate, you’re either a player or a gamemaster.

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Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Scottish Premiership The startling improvement of Rangers and Celtic laid bare as Glasgow giants rack up big numbers Our biggest clubs are threatening to pull away this year as both show significant growth in performance.

Albion Rovers FC Albion Rovers chairman gives boss Kevin Harper vote of confidence after poor League Two start Defeat to fellow strugglers Elgin during a dismal display at Cliftonhill ramped up the pressure going into the international break. Ryan Christie Celtic star Ryan Christie still down after red card and abuse forced him off Twitter Scotland coach Steven Reid has emphasised with the midfielder following online insults.

In the past few years under the Nazi regime the oppressive, dictatorial, and anti-royalist nature of the government and their fascist ideologues and supporters became but all too apparent. We must ensure their way of thinking is stamped out wherever it may rear its head. The following will bypass the focus: Von Mackensen is dead Current ruling party is not democratic.

The events of the past decade have shown that democracy is too weak to keep nefarious internal elements at bay. We must return to the strong leadership of a Kaiser, and in preparation for his return we shall revert the constitution back to that of the Deutsches Kaiserreich.

Mr Hearts has something for you (20 FATE)

We will make a return to democratic ideals, by re-instating free elections, to be held at a point in the near future. After the ravages of the civil war, we must look to rebuilding our nation. We will ask the people to set aside their personal comforts for a time, so that we may focus all our resources on attaining this goal. National Revitalization Effective Change: Training time: Our nation stands as a shield against Bolshevism, protecting the West from communism's influence. We must carry this mantle with pride, and prepare to use arms if necessary.

We require a program of massive naval build-up to rebuild our once-glorious High Seas fleet, if we are ever to challenge the West successfully. The infernal British blockade is what cost us the last war.

We will not make the same mistake again. This time, we will go to even greater lengths to prepare the population for what is to come. The following will bypass the focus: Is in faction. Though the Austro-Hungarian Empire shattered after the Great War, those who mourn the Empire's passing can still be found.

We will cultivate these imperial sentiments in the hopes that the successor states may decide to rejoin for their own strength. Expatriate the Communists Daily Communist Support: The internal threat of communism continues to plague our nation.

Players & Gamemasters | Fate SRD

We must rid ourselves of it, no matter where the adherents flee to. Safeguard the Baltic Daily Communist Support: The Baltics were a part of the Russian Empire until a few decades ago, and it stands to reason the Soviets may once more try to annex them. We must prevent this, and offer our military support in case of Soviet invasion. Our actions in the previous war are still in recent memory with many.

We must refocus the fears of the continent on the true danger: the great communist threat that looms in the East.

Playing Card Tarot

We will begin a massive propaganda campaign to open the eyes of the continent. Every nation has their own methods of managing industry and maintaining equipment. We can learn from each other by sending technical teams to disseminate this knowledge among the other members of the alliance. National Focus. Categories : 1. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 7 October , at Content is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Four Year Plan. We need an ambitious plan to provide for the rearmament and ultimate self-sufficiency of the nation.

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This should be achieved within the next four years. Germany: has the focus Four Year Plan. Fortifying its defenses will allow us to hold the border with fewer men, freeing up divisions to participate in any potential eastern campaigns. Germany: has the focus Westwall. Now that we have conquered Western Europe, we must entrench ourselves against a possible onslaught from across the Atlantic Ocean. A huge network of fortifications along the shores of Europe should provide us with ample protection. Despite our gains in the East, we must ensure that if the tide turns we can hold off the enemy advance.

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We should build a line of fortifications, the Panther-Wotan stellung, along the Dnieper river, from the Black Sea to the Baltic. Align Romania. Align Hungary. Integrate War Economies. Germany: has the focuses Align Romania and Align Hungary. The nations in our sphere of influence have grown to have extreme economic dependencies on us. We could use this to increase our control over their economies and our influence on their foreign policies. For Germany to be truly great, it must be self-sufficient.

We must make better use of our resources, and become more efficient in our construction. Germany: has the focus Autarky. Since its inception in , the reichsautobahn project has been a glorious success. The construction efforts have reduced unemployment, and the wide roads stand as a monument to Germany's economic recovery. Much work remains to be done, however. German War Economy. Germany: does not have the focus Integrate War Economies.

10 Tips for Designing a Division Template in Hoi4 (Hearts of Iron 4 Strategy Guide)

Our great nation's people must be harnessed for the good of the war effort. We will transition to a full war economy, where every man is expected to play their part. Form the Reichskommissariats. Current Ruling party is Fascist. To improve use of local resources, industry, and manpower, we should look into establishing quasi-autonomous subject governments in our conquered areas. Coal Liquidization. Has full control of Sachsen Germany is lacking in oil, and so we must redouble our efforts in the field of synthetic oil.