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Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Join or Log Into Facebook. Email or Phone. Forgot account? Sign Up. There are many birth times proposed for the United States and, without incontrovertible documentary support, all of them are conjecture.

The Day Star

The acid test of a birth time is primary directions because the technique is very birth time specific. Primary directions have been used since Late Antiquity. Unlike secondary progressions, a relatively recent invention attributed to Placido di Titi that move the planets, primaries move the angles to the static natal planets by diurnal motion. Since the angles of a horoscope move much faster than the planets, the angles are a more telling index of the merit of a birth time than secondary progressed planets.

The angles determine house positions and, to a considerable degree, the strengths of planets that are placed in and rule the houses. The birth time used in this work warrants attention because it is the only time I have examined to date that produces primary direction fits that correspond to the history of the nation. Simultaneously, as should be the case, the solar returns for the nation based on the Hazelrigg time are also demonstrably symbolic of historic events. Primary directions are a measure of the distance between the angles, i.

Astrologers in the ancient world brought the planets to the horizon and meridian of a horoscope in degrees of arc along the ecliptic; that is, in the zodiac, the backbone of astrology. These are called ecliptic directions or directions in zodiaco. During the 15th century A. Directions in mundo were widely adopted in the following centuries and then fell out of fashion in the 20th century when popular astrology in England was over-simplified, in order to keep it alive. Directions in mundo were never completely abandoned, however, and have been newly embraced.

It is essential to bear in mind that the equatorial system is thoroughly tropical. For this reason primary directions are identical whether one embraces tropical or sidereal reckoning. This work is presented primarily in terms of sidereal reckoning for its ecliptic positions, but I have also included the tropical chart. Clocks were set to the Sun then and reset often, usually at local apparent noon.

The equation of time was —3m 59s, so the local mean time equivalent of noon local apparent time was p.

Thus, I was looking at primary directions for times between p. LMT and p. At p.

Regulus in Virgo! WE Can be Heroes! | Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency

LAT I hit the mother lode. That is, at p. LAT, which is p. LMT, I got primary direction fits that were astounding. Then I noted, quite impressed, that Hazelrigg had concluded p.

I inferred from the near agreement between Hazelrigg and myself that Hazelrigg knew how to do primary directions because he very likely had done, many decades earlier, what I did to arrive at nearly the same time he advocated. He began his study of astrology in the last quarter of the 19th century and would have had access to the work of the foremost master-astrologer of the day: A.

Pearce , a strong advocate of primary directions, whose Textbook of Astrology first appeared Despite my suspicion that Hazelrigg had it right, or nearly so, I have read similar claims by others that proved to be anything but persuasive. Clocks did not approach modern levels of accuracy until the Dutch physicist, Christiaan Huygens, attached a pendulum to a clockwork escapement in , which improved average daily accuracy by a factor of sixty fifteen minutes of daily error reduced to fifteen seconds.

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Astrologers needed to be able to test birth times during earlier periods because of the large errors of clocks and clocks without minute hands. They almost surely did it with primary directions. I was led by the evidence into the primary direction pattern of the U. The pattern, when found, is obvious because if the primary directions of two, or certainly three consecutive planets work on time, they almost surely all work. If three consecutive planets are wrong, they are almost surely all wrong; but they are likely to give a similar error in time if the true birth time is close to the assumed time.

A consistent error will generally point in the direction and by the amount that a birth time should be rectified. If the true time, however, is as much as a half hour removed from the assumed time, none of the primaries will make sense. Although rare, a primary direction may appear to produce a dumbnote in terms of external events in the life of an individual, but not an organization, a company or especially a country: they are too big and public to be concealed. In contrast, nobody may know what is happening in the lives of individuals who keep to themselves to an unusual extent.

This may occur especially if a primary directed planet is natally cadent, below the Earth, barely aspected or gets no transit support of a similar nature at the time of the direction. Sometimes there is no primary direction when one would expect a symbolic corollary.

Stars in astrology

In such cases, either the symbolism is in a converse direction or solar return directions bring the relevant planet s to angles with very close angularity. An example is the attack on the World Trade Center in Other cultures also found this image, including the Babylonians and Persians.

Interestingly, all of these terms are also appropriate for a lion. Leo can be observed throughout the year except around September, when the constellation moves into the glare of the Sun. However, spring is a better time for viewing, as the star moves into a good position early in the evening. Its proximity to the plane of the solar system means that the star frequently participates in lunar and planetary conjunctions and occultations. If the white dwarf were to explode into a supernova, I wonder what effect, if any, that would have on the Earth?

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