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It is agreed that the Authorisation applies to all uses made in respect of which royalties are being paid out under the Payback scheme for now and in future until my Payback membership is terminated. As the exclusive licensee under this agreement DACS is authorised to collect royalties in its own name from collective licensing schemes or other collective licensing mechanisms and other sources and agreements, and to deduct administration charges at such rate as shall be determined by the Board of Directors of DACS from time to time.

DACS will pay royalties in accordance with its normal royalty distribution policies adopted from time to time by its Board of Directors. I understand I can terminate my Payback membership of DACS at any time by giving one month notice in writing, such termination to take effect upon 31 December following such notice i.

I acknowledge that by terminating my Payback membership I may still be required to actively opt out of any existing collective licensing schemes operated by third parties and that existing licences including my work may continue to cover the licensed uses of my work until such licences expire. DACS will not incur any liability in this respect. I warrant that I had full right and title to grant this Authorisation. It is agreed that the Authorisation applies to all uses made in respect of which royalties are being paid out under the Payback scheme for only as I have effectively terminated my Payback membership with DACS with effect from 1 January Porter is captured by the Outfit's men after a shootout involving Stegman, Pearl, and the Triads, which ends with Stegman and all of Pearl's men being killed although Pearl survives.

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Porter is locked inside a car trunk and taken by Bronson, Fairfax and their men to an apartment that had previously been rigged with plastic explosives. After his captors meet an explosive demise, Porter goes to pick up Rosie.

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Leaving Johnny behind, the two take off with the money the mob owed him and drive off to Canada to begin a new life. Although credited as director, Brian Helgeland's cut of the film was not the theatrical version released to audiences. After the end of principal photography, Helgeland's version was deemed too dark for the mainstream public.

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After 10 days of reshoots, a new opening scene and voiceover track also were added, and Kris Kristofferson walked on as a new villain. The Director's Cut version features a female Bronson, voiced by Sally Kellerman , does not include the voice-over by Porter and several Bronson-related scenes, and has an entirely different, ambiguous ending.

A June 4, , look at "movies improved by directors' cuts" by The A. Club described Payback: Straight Up as "a marked improvement on the unrulier original.

Mel Gibson stated in a short interview released as a DVD extra that it "would've been ideal to shoot in black and white. In addition to this, the production design used muted shades of red, brown, and grey for costumes, sets, and cars for further effect. Payback was well received at the box office.

It's payback time: don't expect sympathy – Lagarde to Greeks

The website's critical consensus states, "Sadistic violence and rote humor saddle a predictable action premise. Roger Ebert gave the film a three-star rating out of four in his review, writing, "There is much cleverness and ingenuity in Payback , but Mel Gibson is the key. The movie wouldn't work with an actor who was heavy on his feet, or was too sincere about the material. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film starring Mel Gibson. For the film by Anthony Hickox, see Payback film. Theatrical release poster.

What is CAC Payback Period?

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