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Immediately going in the donate pile, apparently someone is gonna like it, proven by the Goodreads ratings. Apr 02, Dee Ryan rated it it was amazing. It is not very often that you finish reading a book All four of them in their own way were vile The story was gripping and fantastically written.

Obsession Bras

I read it with something close to disgust as the characters slowly tore away at each other, mentally wearing each other down. The story is written from four different pe It is not very often that you finish reading a book The story is written from four different perspectives, so you're reading the same events as each person saw it. Centered around two couples that are friends, the drama starts to unfolds as the wife of one of the couples asks her husband If you could who would you hook up with. Stupidly he answers and then it all starts to unravel before you The only quibble I would have with this story is there are one or two unanswered questions when the book finishes but it's not enough for me to feel that I've been short changed.

A corker of a debut novel.

May 04, Abbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: april Obsession is the debut novel by Amanda Robson and it certainly got under my skin. The events that unfold are told in first perso Obsession is the debut novel by Amanda Robson and it certainly got under my skin. The events that unfold are told in first person narrative by Carly, Rob, Jenni and Craig, giving the reader what should be unprecedented access to their thoughts and feelings.

I adore an unreliable narrator and Obsession has them in abundance. Robson cleverly pulls this off with each chapter being perfectly crafted, leaving you doubting your own thoughts as you turn each page.


Maximum impact is further made with short, punchy chapters and a rhythm that is wonderfully dark in tone. This is a novel that lends itself perfectly to discussion. Mental health, adultery, religious beliefs, honesty and maternal instincts are all in there along with, as the title suggests, compulsive infatuation. The big questions that arose for me were: are we too quick to judge someone who has suffered with mental health difficulties as paranoid if they raise what seem to be outlandish concerns?

And how far can someone hide who they really are? I adore a book that entertains me while also getting the old cerebral juices going and Obsession hit the mark perfectly.

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A novel that explores the darker side of human nature within ordinary people, Obsession will have you infatuated from the first chapter. A fantastic debut novel that is well-written, and both dark and heart-breaking, Robson is an author to keep an eye on in the future. A huge thank you to Avon and Amanda Robson for the advance copy in exchange for my honest review and for inviting me to take part in the Obsession blog tour.

Jun 09, Bookread2day rated it it was amazing.

First of all I would like to put my hand on my heart and say a very big thank you to Avon for sending me Obsessions to review. I couldn't take my eyes of the pages from these characters that all had husband and wife secrets. Obsession is a dark, twisting thriller.

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  • A must buy - must read. Carly Burton is a loving nurse, wife and mother. After one evening when Carly asks her husband Rob who else w First of all I would like to put my hand on my heart and say a very big thank you to Avon for sending me Obsessions to review. After one evening when Carly asks her husband Rob who else would you go for, if you could.

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    When he answers Jenni this simple little game destroys Carly's life. Rob is a religious man who is a doctor that has patients pulling him into a busy routine at his surgery in Stanfield. Jenni Rossiter who works at the surgery has a religious fixation going to church, praying every morning and every evening. A web of betrayal is about to explode. Jenni's husband Craig and Carly start having just a pure sexual affair. When Jenni finds out about her husband Craig and Carly having a sexual affair together for her this is totally unforgivable in her eyes and demands a divorce. Carly Suspects that Rob is having an affair with Jenni.

    Carly Burton is suffering from an illness that is very complicated with depression, low self-esteem, alcoholism mixed with paranoia and sex addiction. Craig and Jenni move to Cornwall to have a fresh start at their marriage, but Craig falls in love with another woman.