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  1. ¿Qué Debe Hacer Si la Policía?
  2. Pat Mesiti

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¿Qué Debe Hacer Si la Policía?

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Don't waste your work at silly jobs That ain't gonna teach you anything new; A single glance is enough for you To get the picture of what's goin on: The first rule, and it's not so bad, Is knowin when you make someone mad. Never pin all your hopes On one heart, that's for dopes; When bad luck tries to knock you down In God place all your trust; In men pick only one, Or two at most, if you must.

There ain't no limits known to failings, They ain't like the land with all its railings; You'll find them in the very best, So you better heed this good advice: However has his own defects can well excuse them in the rest. Whenever you find a friend needs help Never leave him in the lurch; Don't ask for nothing in return Or give problems that you concern: The truest friend a man can earn is conducting himself with honor.

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When fear and greed come knocking Never open to them your door; don't get all excited for Some goods lost in the ditch: Don't offer anything to the rich Or refuse to help the poor. To work is like a law Because you gotta earn your store; Don't let yourselves get sore, Reduced to drink the dregs: The heart that has to beg Bleeds its blood evermore. A man has got to work To earn his daily bread; For poverty is a curse of dread That has a million ways to call At the doors of one and all, But enters the house of the sleepy-head.

Qué debe hacer si la policía, agentes de inmigración o el FBI lo detienen?

Don't threaten any man, Thinking they're as cowards all; Many a brave man will take a fall By not seeing the danger there: If he doesn't talk with required care, Away on hands and knees he'll crawl. To overcome a danger, To save yourselves from any pitfall, From experience I'll advise you all: More then the sable and the lance More likely will serve the confidence In himself of a man who stands up tall. Every man is born with the savvy That's meant to be his only guide; Without it he'll soon come to grief, But in my considrable experience, Some it makes intelligent And others only negligent.

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Pat Mesiti

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