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A rating of the democratic institutions of Africa One thing though that really struck me was the democracy that and the government institutions in place in countries like Zambia.

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There is a chapter about the elections that were held in Zambia while the author was working there and he describes the corruption and cheating that went on during the campaign and elections. It made me think of experiences with friends and brought me to this analogy: Government in Africa is like having already experienced a situation and relaying your knowledge of what happened to you from being in that predicament to another person; however that person goes ahead and ends up getting into that same position anyway, only to fail miserably to the sound of I told you so, a situation that person could have avoided if they had listened to your experience in the first place.

There are just somethings people have to figure out for themselves.

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Government is one thing that I have come to believe that people have to figure out for themselves, the donation of government from one society to another seems to have failed over and over throughout history. When looking back on the history of Europe, we see a substantial amount of government shifts and changes that have continued up until very recently.

Africa | Nouveau-American

Regimes like Hitler and Mussolini were not so long ago. Instead of forcing upon Africa democratic and western governments, we must give their independent societies time to change, disagree, communicate, cooperate, evolve and find on their own time government that works for their people, society and culture.

It is then that we will start to see the continual development, growth and stabilization of economies in Africa. Leave a comment.

Glimmers of Hope : Memoir of a Volunteer in Africa

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Glimmers of Hope: A Memoir of Zambia

The most commonly visited site in Zambia is Victoria Falls, made famous by Livingstone. About 16 percent of men and women between the ages are HIV positive. Most Volunteers live in earthen houses lighted by kerosene lamps. Meals are cooked over wood or charcoal.

Typically, Volunteer sites are in villages where there is neither plumbing nor electricity. Some sites will be very isolated and the closest Volunteer may be 40 kilometers or more away. The mainly cited foods in Zambia are: Nshima cornmeal porridge , cabbage, and kapenta fish , as well as other staple foods like local leaf sauces and smoked fish.