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It's numinous of falling ashes or maybe I'm just stoned.

Make believe we're all her lovers make believe it shows Fighting dreams of dying brothers, dying all for love. This is the life I'll never know.

Sins for this sanctuary rule. This burning heart will beat a new.

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Staring so softly at the moon. You feast on me and I on you.

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Save me from doves and reasons why. Bleed me for love and lullabies.

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Shannon McCarty has made several mistakes in her life. But, none worse than the torture she inflicted on the man who destroyed her family.

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Her thirst for revenge as a lost, seventeen-year-old has muted to sadness as she looks back at thirty. If there was a single moment Curtis Forsythe could take back, it would be the night of the crash. The moment before impact, before his life was forever changed. After thirteen years of isolation. Curt finally knows what he wants.

Red Clouds (Somewhen Falling Ashes Mix) | R - Label Group

When volcanic ash descends back to the Earth, the effects can be mild or devastating. It all depends on how much ash was created by the eruption and your distance from the volcano. Ash may dust an area for as little as 30 minutes or fall for days, blanketing everything with several million tons of heavy powder. The experience can be disorienting, frightening and even deadly. In large quantities, volcanic ash poses a significant threat to the environment. If you were to cover a section of your lawn with a tarp, you'd eventually kill the underlying plants.

Falling Ashes

Likewise, a heavy layer of volcanic ash can deprive plants of sunlight, oxygen and necessary interactions with other organisms. It can even kill microorganisms living in the soil. With large trees, the added weight of volcanic ash can break limbs in the same way an ice storm does. In addition, volcanic ash often carries with it potentially poisonous chemicals from the eruption. High acidity levels in the ash can change soil composition, making it impossible for some species of plants to survive.

Volcanic ash weighs down and immobilizes insects that have pollen-grabbing hairs on their bodies. Larger animals are susceptible to skin and eye irritation. If ash particles are less than 10 microns in diameter, they're also respirable.


This means you can inhale them, resulting in a variety of short-term respiratory problems. Poisonous chemicals in the ash, such as fluoride, frequently pose a threat to livestock, coating not only the animal, but also their food and water supplies. Massive quantities of volcanic ash inflict a lot of immediate damage, but in the long term, they can greatly enrich soil and ocean beds. This process may take weeks, months or even thousands of years, depending on the exact composition of the ash. But eventually, these particles of exploded magma work their way into our habitats, providing plant life with crucial organic carbon and nitrogen. Volcanic soils also hold a great deal of water, allowing for better-irrigated vegetation. Large deposits of ash and other pyroclastic material may also eventually form into solid rock. Layers of hot ash often fuse into sheets of welded tuff. As such, the results of volcanic ash fall are all around us. Meanwhile, inventive humans have found their own uses for the ash, incorporating it into ceramics, building materials, industrial abrasives and even toothpaste.

Volcanic ash can thoroughly disrupt cities and settlements. In addition to damaging agriculture and livestock, large quantities of ash can break down communication, hinder travel and destroy buildings. Ash adds additional weight to roofs, which can easily lead to their collapse.